Selected policy recommendations

1. Gender equality in employment incl. self-employment

  • Introduction of a "Time Act": Working times and locations must take into account individual needs in the specific life phase
  • Support for more remuneration/pay rate transparency
  • Improvement of instruments for company gender equality
  • Gender-competent vocational counselling
  • Adult training programmes should be available to everyone
  • Improved social security for self-employed persons via integration into the social security systems

2. Revaluing care work professions = SAHGE jobs

  •  Definition: SAHGE jobs = SA: Social work, H: Household-related services,  G: Health and care work, E: Child rearing
  • Restructuring of job profiles, training and advanced education, as well as career and promotion opportunities
  • Adequate remuneration during nursing training
  • Campaign to make these professions more attractive

3. Framework conditions and infrastructure in childcare and for dependent persons

  • Introduction of a two-week leave period of paternity leave during the first 30 days after the birth of a child
  • Extension of the "partner months" in connection with the payment of a parental allowance
  • Introduction of the concept of family working time: A flatrate benefit for up to 24 months if both parents continue working in a reduced full-time mode within a certain time corridor
  • Flexible time budgets for parents of children under 18 and for persons taking care of relatives of e.g. a total of 120 days, linked to true compensation for loss of income (e.g. equal to parental benefits)

  • Improvement of the infrastructure for childcare with needs-oriented full-time schooling and pedagogically reasonable staffing ratios. Improvement of care infrastructure through increased public funding for family-friendly care arrangements

4.  Framework conditions and infrastructure in private   housekeeping

  • Promotion of employment subject to social insurance contributions and engagement of service providers
  • Minimum legal work requirements in accordance with the ILO Convention No. 189
  • Safeguarding standards for good and sustainable employment by introducing independent and standardised certificates
  • Introduction of a subsidised voucher system for household-related services (in line with the Belgian model)

5. Re-entering the labour market

  • Occupational support via information, counselling and further training offers that are independent from social benefits
  • Legal right to return and right to the same or equivalent job upon return as well as retention of acquired rights
  • No demotion in public service due to absence from employment
  • Introduction of a labour law-related entitlement to "employers’ re-entry management"

6. Incentives in respect of the division of resources and labour within marriage and civil partnerships

  • Dismantling of income-tax-related incentives for specialisation in paid work and care work in marriages
  • Extension of non-contributory family (co-)insurance to members of a chosen family and creation of independent access to health and long-term nursing care insurance
  • Income from marginal employment must be treated equally to other insurable employment in terms of taxation
  • Introduction of compulsory social insurance for marginal work
  • Provision of information on property regimes ahead of concluding a marriage

  • Introduction of the community property system as the legal property regime

  • Renaming of the statutory property regime from "community of accrued gains" to "property separation with shared gains"

7. Pension and provision for old age

  • Prevention of later pension adjustments by introducing uninterrupted pension obligations
  • Reinforcement of the statutory pension insurance fund as the core of old-age provisions and developing it into a universal insurance system with a minimum pension level
  • Later social pension adjustments in case of low pension entitlements
  • Improvement of women‘s access to occupational pensions and private insurance schemes